اجدد وظايف البنوك : وظايف Citi Bank مرتبات تصل حتى 8000ج

TTS Client Operations Head At Citi Bank

Job description
Developing, discussing, implementing and monitoring the TTS CO strategy and making sure the same is done by other country SCOOs of the Sub Cluster.
Establishing and maintaining a best-practice; Lead and coordinate all TTS CO functions existing in Egypt including a strong oversight of outsourced / offshored processes, with a continuous focus on improved efficiency and quality.
Actively engaging with businesses and functions to provide strategic direction maintaining a strong focus on the delivery of high-quality customer services through processes and platforms that are reflected in high degrees of customer satisfaction.
Ensuring an effective and metric based resource management and monitoring established and it’s appropriately aligned with the requirements of the businesses, franchise and TTS Ops functions.
Encouraging, guiding and leading the efforts of teams in the country/countries in exploring and developing key themes within TTS Ops functions such as regionalization/hubbing, straight-through-processing, re-engineering, digitization and robotics, outsourcing, leveraging organizational resources within and outside TTS CO to drive and implement those themes.
Maintaining a strong control and compliance culture and environment throughout the organization of the country that can proactively monitor, rapidly adapt to changes in the regulatory and compliance frame; proactively raising self-identified issues; and addressing all issues completely and in a proactive manner through the drafting, implementation, and tracking of relevant Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)
Maintaining permanent controls readiness and obtaining satisfactory audit ratings across all auditable entities, and contributing to successful audits for businesses and functions that rely on OandT as an enabler.
Minimizing operating losses through proactive issue identification and mitigation.
Supporting country financial and resource goals and actively delivering on expenses and FTE. Manage the expense budget and actively review financials for TTS CO. Effectively manage and coordinate to meet business needs and capacity requirements
Developing a senior team of direct staff that is best-in-class in their respective key roles; and managing a diverse pool.
Creating a conducive working environment marked by high morale, team spirit, diversity and meritocracy throughout the organization that can be measured through the VOE process and related indicators; establishing procedures to measure, monitor and reduce employee turnover.
Representing TTS CO in relevant country committees, such as the CCC, BRCC, Third Party Management Committee, etc. Participate in Legal Vehicle Governance process and proactively escalate any potential franchise issues to relevant country, cluster and regional management.
Job Requirements

In-depth knowledge of Cash Operations, Trade Operations, Branch Operations, Cash andTeller areas, FX/MM and Loan products, policies and procedures
Superior skills to continually measure, enhance and optimize operations related functions
Experience in people management roles in TTS Ops fields.
Ability to fully comprehend and impact the ‘full picture’ along with other key players in other functional areas and countries
Very good knowledge of Flexcube and other core Citi Systems to solve problems and train subordinates
Excellent knowledge of internal Compliance requirements and MCA process
Good experience in identifying and building Operations Centers of excellence which leverage best practices and disciplines from across the globe.
Excellent people management and leadership skills with team building capabilities
Negotiation and strong influencing
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Analytic thinking and problem solving
Coaching and training
Teamwork and ability to motivate
Strong Risk and Control awareness and knowledge of control practices
Fluency in English and Arabic ( preferred )
Bachelors degree in banking/accounting/finance/economics with min 12-15 years of banking
Experience and minimum of 8-10 years in relevant core disciplines of OandT

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